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About 509 F​armhouse

We (Terra and Jessica) are two friends with a passion for junking, decorating, and creating.  If something is sitting around too long around will probably end up painted and distressed...or covered in glitter!!  And if we ever go missing...check the Goodwill first...true story!! 

The idea for 509 Farmhouse came about after combining our wares for different shows.  Separately, our items didn't amount to a whole lot.  BUT once we combined and styled them up, our booth looked like a million bucks.   A lightbulb went on.  What if we started an UN-antique mall-antique mall?!?!  The show off our junking finds and handmade items, along with those of other vendors, in a way that is beautiful and stylish.  We want people to see each item individually, but also how it can be styled with other items to create a lovely vignette.  Then they will be able to go home and re-create what they saw in the store with their new treasures.  Instead of wandering through booths filled with hundreds of items and searching for that ONE needle in the haystack.  And then wondering...WHAT WOULD I DO WITH THAT??  We will be curating an entire shop filled with the best vintage finds, handmade goodness, and re-purposed junk around AND showing you how to use these pieces in your own homes.  And by combining a mix of different maker styles and junkers finds...we are bound to have that PERFECT item for just about ANYONE!!

Meet the 509 Farmhouse team...




Hello.  I am so excited to share 509 Farmhouse with the Tri-Cities.  I have lived in this area all of my life (most of which was spent on a farm in Eltopia).  I LOVE farm life, farmhouse style, even farm animals!!  This past year my dream came true and we built our very own farmhouse "Orchardslope" north of Pasco.  I have had so much fun creating our forever farmhouse and have documented our progress on Instagram.  You can follow along with our journey @orchardslope.  Say hi if you pop over...I love to hear from friends.